Efficient hardware for your IT infrastructure

Smart building and network technology enables different devices and functions inside and outside a building to be linked together. Conrad provides solutions for your high-performance IT infrastructure through which technical systems and people can communicate and work with each other.


Smart Communication Products

As the world's leading manufacturer of smart communication products, TP-Link stands out for its efficient, innovative and reliable products and services - for business customers and private individuals. One product that stands out is TP-Link Omada, a smart cloud solution for professional networks that combines all network devices. Omada is the ideal solution for hospitality, education, retail and offers many other applications.

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Mesh networks with AVM

Mesh is a new and innovative technology used to create a seamless WIFI connection in buildings or on company premises. By individually equipping it with the appropriate WLAN repeaters and powerline devices, the WLAN network can be adapted to all on-site needs.

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Network cabinets from Digitus

The network cabinets of the Unique series from DIGITUS® have been developed for the user-friendly installation of active and passive network components together with clean cabling. Each cabinet is of high quality and equipped with a roof ventilation slot as well as a cable inlet with foam rubber seal that can be pushed open in the base. In the area of structured building cabling, you benefit from flexible and certified components of the DIGITUS® brand, which establish the connections from the server room to the floor distributor to the individual workstations and thereby exceed standards and norms. DIGITUS® offers you a wide range of products in the areas of network technology, installation cables and cable management accessories.

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Digital infrastructure for schools: setting up a school network

Rethinking teaching - digitalising with Conrad

The topic "digital school" is present for schools, ministries of education, teachers, learners as well as parents and due to the Corona pandemic more important than ever. Experts from education and business agree that it is not just about digitising analogue approaches, but about fundamentally rethinking teaching in a digital way. To get there, you can learn more about how to create a basic digital-->{C}

Powerful network technology

For components of modern building technology, it is essential to include a powerful network with a high transmission rate in the planning. If high-quality network components are included in the planning, the network is future-proof and offers sufficient performance reserves even for data-intensive applications.

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