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Overview of test leads & test probes.

Safety first! - Even when measuring.

Working on electrical systems is not without danger. Training in an electrical engineering profession takes a full 3 years, and rightly so. Occupational safety plays a key role in this. Just like the topic of safety at VOLTCRAFT.

Safety test leads - CAT III,CAT IV

VOLTCRAFT safety test leads are double insulated. In two different colors - the so-called wear indicator. Damaged cables must be disposed of immediately.

Simple. Safe. Precisely.

Safety when measuring with multimeters concerns not only the device itself but also the connected test leads. The test leads must be adapted to the expected voltage and possible transient voltages (overvoltages). VOLTCRAFT safety test leads can be switched between CAT II 1000 V and CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V via a sliding mechanism. In CAT IV 600V this corresponds to a safe protection of up to max. 8kV (Vpeak) transient voltage.

Thanks to the sliding mechanism, the protective caps can no longer be lost and therefore offer maximum safety. The highly flexible silicone-sheathed cable allows for comfortable working.

Extend test probes or connect test leads?

The MSL-505 measuring tip extension is perfect for extending measuring tips or other measuring accessories with a 4 mm lamellar connector to enable optimum measurement at measuring points that are difficult to access.



The MSL-504 test lead connector, on the other hand, is ideal for connecting all 4 mm plugs. This makes connecting cables and wires child's play. Both non-insulated (CAT I) cables and insulated (CAT IV) cables can thus be joined together.

Clamps and grippers

Current clamp adapter

Extra-low voltage in the laboratory

Establish and maintain contact.

Accessories for the high-frequency range.

Ready to go and so convenient.

It's nice when everything has its place.