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VOLTCRAFT Thermometer in Comparison

The product range of temperature measurement technology is becoming ever wider and it takes a lot of time to get an overview. For this reason, we have created a thermometer comparison in which you can select the right measuring device for you in the shortest possible time. All important parameters are clearly presented in tabular form, making the selection process much easier.

Non-contact IR thermometers and temperature measuring devices with wired probes are listed and operational requirements can be covered quickly and comprehensively.

Advantages of meeting demand with VOLTCRAFT

  • Fast availability
  • Huge selection
  • Calibrated variants available
  • Wide range of probes
  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Field-proven technology 
  • Consistently high quality

IR radiation in your sights - infrared thermometer with targeting laser

For the safe measurement of hot or cold surfaces. Particularly suitable for rotating machines. On models with a single laser beam, only the measuring direction can be seen. Devices with two beams or circular lasers also provide information about the perfect measuring distance and the actual size of the measuring spot at a specific distance. This prevents incorrect measurements due to incorrect operation.





IR 500-12D

IR 650-16D

IR 800-20C


IR 2201-50D

Max. Temperature 110 °C 500°C 500°C 650°C 800°C 1200°C 2200°C
Accuracy ± °C 0.3 °C
highly precise
3 °C 3 °C 2 °C 2 °C 1.5 °C 1.5 °C
Optics 6:1 12:1 12:1 16:1 20:1 50:1 50:1
Emission adjustable -
Reaction speed normal normal normal fast fast fast fast
Alarm temperature display -
Bar graph - - -
Data logger - - - - -
Interface - - - - - USB USB
Connection for K-type sensor - - - - - -
Storage - - - Bag Bag Hard-shell case Hard-shell case
Item no. 2450948
1599563 1600031 1602741 1599564 1599565

Recognizing the risk of mould before it develops

Moisture condenses easily on cold surfaces. Humidity and surface temperature play a role here. Moisture then begins to condense above the so-called dew point.

In addition to the surface temperature, these measuring devices also determine the dew point and thus the risk of mold growth.





Max. temperature +380°C +1600°C
Accuracy ± °C 5 °C 1 °C
Optics 20:1 50:1
Emission adjustable -
Alarm temperature display -
Display aids Traffic light system Real image overlay
Data logger -
Interface -
Connection for K-type sensor -
Storage Carrier bag Hard case
Item no. 1405828 1274960

The specialists for high temperatures - K-type measuring devices from VOLTCRAFT

Precisely measure high temperatures up to +1370 °C, even across multiple channels - no problem with the K100 and K200 series from VOLTCRAFT. If you are looking for a waterproof temperature measuring device, the VOLTCRAFT K-300 is the perfect choice. The K-300 offers IP67 water and dust resistance and the highlight is that the K-type connector on the device is also waterproof. If you want to connect other temperature sensors to the K-300, you can do this easily using the supplied adapter.


K 101

K 102

K 201

K 204

K 300

Max. temperature 1370°C 1370°C
1370 °C
Accuracy ± °C
1 °C 1 °C 1 °C 1 °C 2 °C
Channels 1 2 1 4 -
Channels displayed simultaneously 1 2 1 4 -
Sensor enclosed - - 1 2 1
Sensor type - - Wire sensor 
up to 200°C
Wire sensor
up to 200°C
Delta measurement
on the same channel
Delta measurement
between 2 channels
- - - -
Min Max function -
Timer function - - -
IP67 waterproof/dustproof - - - -
Interface - - RS-232 with
sep. cable
RS-232 with
sep. cable
Mains operation possible - - -
Storage - - Bag Bag -
Item no. 100311 100312 100385 100806 1650576

K-type thermometer with data logger function

This series is suitable for long-term measurements. All devices can alternatively be supplied with a separately available plug-in power supply, have a tripod thread and can store up to 16,000 values.






Max. temperature 1372 °C 1370°C 1370°C
Accuracy ± °C
1.5 °C 1 °C 1 °C
Channels 1 2 4
Channels displayed simultaneously - 2 4
Sensor enclosed 1 2 2
Sensor type Wire sensor
up to 200°C
Wire sensor
up to 200°C
Wire sensor
up to 200°C
Delta measurement 
between 2 channels
Min Max function
Timer function - -
Interface - RS-232
Mains operation possible -
Storage - Suitcase Suitcase
Item no. 1931526 100428 100518

Thermocouple measuring devices for K and J sensors

This series can be used universally with different sensor types. The display is in °C or °F or °K. In addition to min-max values, the average value of the measurement series can also be called up. Measuring devices with several measuring channels, data logger function and USB interface for data transfer are also available in this series.


PL120 T1

PL-120 T2

PL-125 T2

PL-125 T4

Max. temperaturt +1372°C +1372°C
+1372°C +1372°C
Accuracy ± °C
1 °C 1 °C 1 °C 1 °C
Channels 1 2 2 4
Channels displayed simultaneously 1 2 2 2
Wire sensor up to 250°C
1 2 2 4
Delta measurement
between 2 channels
- -
Min Max function
Data logger - -
USB Interface - -
Item no. 123401 123402 1012836 1013036

Temperature measuring devices with maximum accuracy

The PTM series delivers very accurate readings. Although the temperature range is not as wide as that of K-type measuring devices, the PTM devices deliver impressive accuracy within the specified measuring range. Thanks to the PT1000 measuring resistor used, the resistance of the connecting cable is negligible and the IP65 protection is a further advantage of this series in practice.


PTM 100

PTM 120

PTM 130

Max. temperature 450°C 250°C 250°C
Accuracy ± °C
0.1 °C 0.1 °C 0.1 °C
Sensor enclosed - 1 1
Sensor type Pt 1000 Pt 1000 Pt 1000
Sensor Ø
- 3 mm 1.5 mm
Sensor version pluggable hard hard
IP 65 waterproof
Item no. 1720714 1720716 1720717

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